Get muddy in Barcelona

On Saturday 25 May we are holding a relay race which we have named: 
Can Fanga Relays.

30 mixed teams of 3 runners will take part in this unique experience along the Collserola mountain trails. The race will involve 3 different laps over different terrains with one single starting point, changeover point and finish. 

Each team will have to run twice through 3 different laps in any order, which means strategy is vitally important. For that reason, you will be given time to decide who runs each lap and in what order.


The story behind the name

The name Can Fanga (mud house) originates from the beginning of the twentieth century and is a reference to the city of Barcelona and, by extension, to its residents as well.


This was before tarmac, when streets and pavements were only covered with clay or sand. This meant that when it rained, the city was often filled with mud and people walking around ended up with dirt around their trouser-ends and on their shoes. 


It was L'Esquella de la Torratxa, the Barcelona magazine, who came up with the nickname, and the locals were the first to use it in reference to not only the city, but the whole Catalan region.


Mapped out for you 

Since the sections differ in length and incline, strategy will be one of the key things to think about. The first section is 5.5km long with a 300m incline, the second is 4.3km with a 200m incline and the final section is 5.3km with a 200m incline, which is a total of 15.1km and a 700m incline that the teams must run twice. 

​In short, that’s 30.2 kilometres and a 1400 metre incline to find out who the first winners of the Can Fanga Relays will be.



5'4K +300

4'3K +200

5'3K +200




  MAY, 25TH 2019

12:45 Check-in

13:00 Lunch


14:00 Event brief


15:30 Bus to Collserola

17:00 Can Fanga Relays start

19:20 Expected arrival of the first team

20:00 Dinner

22:15 Bus to Nike office